STORY (Anglais)


Family of the Childhood of Jean Charles Alix FCJCA is a work Ministerial nonprofit founded by Alix JEAN-CHARLES shared and accepted by his wife JEAN-CHARLES Sherlie Laurent in order to provide a better future for children in Haiti.
Thus, FCJCA began on Saturday, April 17, 2010 in Delmas. After realizing the need for foster care and mentoring to improve the living conditions of vulnerable children, streets, domesticity, single parent, and orphans.
So with the means at hand, we fed more than two dozen of children suffering from malnutrition. And in order to continue the work of supervision and assistance to needy children of Haiti in agreement with partners active in the field, we hosted six male children between 5 and 7 years 13 November 2010.

DSC00277 DSC00318 DSC00319DSC00655 DSC00656 DSC00346 DSC00335 DSC00278

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